Car-Care Plan

A.C.G Valeting recognises the financial investment made when purchasing a vehicle, therefore, keeping a clean car will in turn retain the highest possible re-sale value.

The Car-Care Plan is a popular choice for the majority of our customers and can consist of weekly, fortnightly or monthly Valets, designed to keep your car looking it's best, whilst maintaining it's optimum value.

The Car-Care Plan options can be discussed during your initial valet, subsequent valets can then be tailored to suit you and your cars needs.

All consecutive Valets are then booked in advance, at your convenience and to avoid disappointment.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Car-Care Plan, please contact
Adrian or Sarah on 07939 151687.

Customer examples:

Initial Full Valet Pro (95.00)

Then monthly Mini Valets (25.00).
Then every 4 months a Mini Valet with new application of Long Life Carnuba Wax (45.00)

Initial Full Valet (70.00)

Then bi-monthly Mini Valet Pro (40.00)

Initial Full Valet (80.00)

Then fortnightly Mini Valet (30.00))

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