Valeting Prices & Services

Here at  A.C.G Valeting we offer bespoke services for
our customers individual needs, however, guide prices
are as follows:

(NB: Prices vary according to vehicle size and condition)


Standard Valet
25.00 - 45.00
Allow 1 - 2 hours per car

External wash and dry including wheel arches and door sills. Thorough vacuum including boot area, Interior/Exterior glass polished, all interior plastics cleaned, interior fragranced, wheels cleaned and tyres dressed.
( Favourite car care choice )
( See Car-Care Plan )

Standard Valet Pro
35.00 - 55.00
Allow 1.5- 3 hours per car

As Standard Valet PLUS Full Exterior Hand Polish, all exterior plastics dressed.
( Another popular Car-Care choice )
( See Car-Care Plan )

Internal Valet
35.00 - 75.00
Allow 2 - 4 hours per car

All seats/carpets/mats/headlining and boot area thoroughly vacuumed, then shampoo'd and extraction dried.
( NB: If seats are slightly damp, seat covers will be provided for immediate use of vehicle. )
All leather cleaned and nourished, all plastics cleaned and dressed, all glass polished, interior fragranced. ( The busy parents usual choice )

25.00 - 85.00
Allow 1 - 4 hours per car

This is a bespoke service to suit your cars needs. From a wash and polish through to a full Clay Bar treatment with Premium Carnuba Wax or Paint Sealant. Machine Polished to remove any minor imperfections and renew any oxidised paintwork.
( Popular choice for the Winter months )

Full Valet
65.00 - 95.00
Allow 3 - 4.5 hours per car

A combination of  Internal Valet and
Standard Valet Pro
( Ideal for preparing the car for sale )

Full Valet PRO
105.00 - 165.00
Allow 5 - 8 hours per car

As Full Valet PLUS full bodywork clay bar treatment (to remove surface contaminants, which washing alone won't) then protected with a Premium Carnuba wax or paint sealant. Bodywork machine polished to remove any minor scratches and restore any oxidised paintwork ( For those pampered cars! )

Soft Top Treatment

Thorough clean of soft top material, plus application of a protective waterproof barrier.


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